NaH Newsletter: September Edition

21/09/20 | System Admin

We have some new faces in the NutsAboutHealth team and we are very pleased and excited to announce two new Directors, Alison Nutley and Danielle Nutley! Alison brings a wealth of professional knowledge having previously worked with numerous fortune 500 companies providing sales training, strategy and business development and is keen to utilise her extensive skill set to enhance the business. Danielle has previous experience in sales, customer relations and events management having formerly worked for multiple international, world class events and she is incredibly eager to start planning the 2021 events diary. Alongside Ben Nutley, Founder we cannot wait to share with you all the amazing ideas we have been working on with the new team. With professional opportunities on the horizon Co-Founder Heath Stevens has left NutsAboutHealth to pursue a new career and we wish him every success in the future!

Kieron Conway

The word we all hate to hear -Covid-19 but could CBD help us see the back of Corona? Fantastic write up in the Express explaining recent developments and studies around corona virus and CBD. ‘CORONAVIRUS treatment: Scientists and leading health experts continue to explore different treatments in a bid to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. Could CBD hold the key? Researchers at the University of Lethbridge recently declared the benefits of CBD as a potential aid in blocking the cells that enter the body from COVID-19 after promising results from a study. The study was conducted in April and published in the peer journal Preprints with the results being released in a non-peer-reviewed, preclinical study
entitled ‘In Search of Preventative Strategies: Novel Anti-Inflammatory High-CBD Cannabis Sativa Extracts Modulate ACE2 Expression in COVID-19 Gateway Tissues’. The results were startling to say the least and show how CBD could help with COVID-19. ‘Speaking about the results of CBD as a possible treatment for COVID-19, Dr Kovalchuk said: “We were totally stunned at first, and then we were really happy.“Cannabis can reduce the virus’ entry points to the body by up to 70 percent.Therefore, you have more chance to fight it.“Our work could have a huge influence – there aren’t many drugs that have the potential of reducing infection by 70 to 80 percent.”The research company is moving forward in seeking funding to continue its efforts to support scientific initiatives to address COVID-19.


‘HAYFEVER sufferers may be feeling the brunt of symptoms after the sudden emergence of warmer temperatures. For some people antihistamines and nasal sprays aren’t effective, but a new study has suggested a cannabis- based supplement could work as treatment. For many hay fever sufferers, over-the-counter medications are not effective at keeping symptoms at bay. As an alternative offering to these treatments, and following recent interest around it, research has suggested cannabidiol (CBD) could give people with hay fever the relief they need. Dr Andrew Thornber, chief medical officer at Now Patient, said although some research has shown CBD oil may play a small part in helping relieve hay fever symptoms with countless studies confirming its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, experts are now suggesting CBD oil could be used as a natural and effective alternative to over-the-counter or prescription medicine. According to exclusive research from Eos Scientific, Brits are more open to holistic remedies, in fact preferring them to prescription medicine.’