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We aim to educate the public on the benefits of CBD products and how it can help them in everyday life. We’re heavily involved in professional sport and want to extend our knowledge into the sports market and beyond.

Having both experienced the benefits personally from CBD, we fully believe in our product and how it can help a huge audience, whether it be mentally or physically. We hope you love the product as much as we do!


Meet the Team

Ben Nutley

Ben is a professional rugby player at Coventry RFC, formerly of Northampton Saints. Ben came across CBD products through a friend, who recommended he uses it for the pain and inflammation in his knees and lower back. Ben has a history of tendinitis and currently has a chipped femur head, he manages his issues through the use of an 800mg oil and regular use of the body salve. Commited believer and user in the effects of CBD, who feels it can beneficial to anyone and everyone.

Heath Stevens

Heath is a professional rugby player at Coventry RFC, formerly Worcester Warriors and London Welsh. He first came into contact with CBD whilst recovering from bone bruising of the foot and suffering from swollen knees due to a number of surgeries. Heath uses the 2000mg oil daily, regular application of the cream to his swollen knees and drinks 3/4 cups of the Hemp tea daily. He has seen huge improvements in his sleep quality and feels far more recovered since he has found CBD and ditched the pharmaceutical drugs.

I had been hearing a lot about CBD and how it could benefit me as an athlete and more importantly help aid in my recovery from major knee surgery. I was fortunate enough that Heath and Ben from Nuts About Health contacted me asking if I was keen to try it out, I didn’t know what to think but was keen to give it a go! The 1st thing as a professional athlete I needed to make sure it was safe! I was happy when the guys were able to back up their products with batch certificates, it gave me confidence in the product I was about to use. So long story short I got started on the CBD spray and after a few weeks I was noticing that the swelling and pain in my knee was decreasing, But the best thing I was finding by using the CBD spray/drops was the quality of my sleep!! I was sleeping like a baby and this was key for my recovery! I also started rubbing the CBD Body Salve on my knee every night and to be honest my joints have been feeling so good!!! I fully recommend using Nuts about Health CBD products if you want to ease your aches and pains or just help increase the quality of your sleep.

Jimmy Gopperth

I started my 2 cats on CBD last year after some friends of mine had had success treating their cats allergies using it. One of the cats has severe allergies to so many things, including his own fur! The other suffered from separation anxiety after his first owner died suddenly and he found himself at a rescue centre. I use the 400mg natural and spray it directly on to their food and it has made a massive difference. The cat with allergies seems much calmer and has stopped over grooming and the cat with anxiety is starting to relax a lot more. The cat with allergies was diagnosed with kidney failure 4 months ago and we were advised he probably had days, weeks at best, that was 4 months ago and he is still active, eating and happy which I am sure is at least partly down to the CBD oil!

Joanne Duberry

I started taking CBD oil when I began training for the London Marathon last year. Within 2 weeks I could already feel a massive improvement in my joints and muscles and as the training started to ramp up and the distances grew I changed from the 400mg to the 2000mg. This helped me massively, my recovery was so much quicker and after the marathon I was back to normal and pain free within 24 hours. I also began using the Hemp balm which I love! I started out using it for aches in my hands when using the bar at CrossFit which it really helped with, but now I use it as a night time moisturiser, to prevent callouses from the bar, for sunburn, insect bites and I used it after having my eye brows and eyeliner tattooed and it took the inflammation right down overnight! I can’t recommend it enough!

Joanne Duberry

I have been taking CBD for a year now, I was suffering with a terrible groin condition that was not allowing me to do the simplest things in life without being in serious pain. I was advised to take CBD and it has changed my life for the better and helped me continue my rugby career. I’m no longer in pain and my level of performance has improved massively. The health benefits that comes with taking CBD also appealed to me and can honest recommend this to everyone. The guys at Nuts about health have been incredible and the standard of their CBD products are top notch

Tony Fenner

My personal experiences using nuts about health CBD Oil. I had a extremely bad prolapsed disc L4-5. After seeing countless professionals and spending 1000’s nothing was working. The next stage was injections starting with Cortisone injections but still no improvement. A further injection this time a root nerve block injection was given. And after 2 weeks it was apparent this had not worked. Budget wise I was around 4K mark. Then a friend recommended Nuts about Health, I had nothing to lose. I stared on the oil 2000mg after only 4/5 days I felt a slight improvement then within 2 weeks I was back walk bending. It was a life saver for me and my family. I now use the 400 or 800 everytime I feel any pain ( I haven’t in my back ) but just from work or training aches etc a few drops PM and I’m back in a day of so. I have also used the 400g spray on my old cocker spaniel and after a week totally transformed her movement and was far less stressed and more chilled and relaxed.

Ben Randall

After only two days of using the CBD spray, I had a remarkable reduction In lower back pain that was persistent for years. Not only this, but my wife and I have experienced vastly improved sleep quality since taking the spray. The peppermint flavour tastes great and highly recommend it to anyone.

Mike Bellamy

I was recommended CBD by my now business partner and co owner of Nuts About Health, Heath Stevens. I was really struggling with knee tendinitis and joint pain from a number of knee injuries sustained from playing rugby. It was getting to the stage I couldn’t sit in a car for more than 30 minutes without severe pain or having to get out to walk around. Heath suggested trying CBD and that's how Nuts About Health was really born, within days I noticed my sleep improved greatly (huge for recovery) and the pains in my knees were subsiding greatly helping my quality of life but also time on the pitch. I would recommend CBD highly to anyone with any kind of tendinitis or joint pain.

Ben Nutley

I started my journey within CBD 18 months ago due to an inflammation issue I had in my foot due to a rugby injury. The issue was not resolved through use of a number of high strength anti inflammatory tablets, injections and treatments. I feared that surgery was my last option and that would have meant time on the sidelines, nightmare. A good friend of mine suggested I try CBD, immediately I threw up my barriers and assumed it would be illegal. I was very wrong, he then informed me of the legalities of the products and suggested I try a 400mg option to start with. Within 10 days of first taking the CBD oil, I was experiencing remarkably less pain in my foot, but I also noticed a greater depth of sleep, meaning that recovery would be aided also, great! I have been using the oil every day as part of my daily supplementation and have now found that I work best off an 800mg oil, used 3/4 times a day, 3/4 drops depending on my training load and need. I have also been tested by drug testers randomly, the fact that my tests have never come back positive, back up the batch testing the products go through.

Heath Stevens

I’ve used a variety of CBD oils in the past mostly from high street brands, but the quality was always suspect (therefore the effectiveness was questionable too). I use NAH products as the quality is proven to be high. Their CBD oil has alleviated mental tension, increased the quality of my sleep and also soothed some physical ailments along the way. It's the only product I take daily without fail.

Josh Astrop

Ironically, I started using CBD oil after I stopped playing competitive rugby. A combination of training hard in the gym, social sport and sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day meant I was quite often as stiff as a board. Nuts About Health CBD products have certainly helped reduce inflammation and helped me continue an active lifestyle, whilst pursuing a career in the city. I have also noticed some subtle improvements in migraine symptoms and general mood.

Ryan Hodson

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