A guide to taking CBD

Whether you take CBD as a food supplement or with your morning cuppa, it is important to find out what’s right for you.

We suggest starting your journey with CBD on an 800mg oil, 3/4 drops, 3/4 times a day. Simply drop under the tongue, this then absorbs into your blood and the CBD can then get to work. Due to the way the oil is supplemented, this will have a longer lifespan than say the Vape options (taken through respiring) meaning your intake of CBD will be less frequent.
The method of taking the oil is the same for the 400mg and the 2000mg options, however dosing may vary due to the strengths of the products. The 400mg comes in a spray, spray this under the tongue (roughly 1.6mg per spray) 2000mg drop under the tongue (roughly 10mg per drop).

The vape will get to work the fastest due to how the CBD will be working around the respiratory system, but due to this comes with a shorter life span, meaning you’ll have to use the vape more frequently, this is also a lower dosage, however you may find for an immediate effect this may suit your needs.

As with all of our products, please be as consistent and stick to a good routine of supplementation for best benefits. This is not a quick fix, the more use over time the more benefits you are likely to experience.

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