Biopurus Hemp Tea Bags



  1. In each box you will find 20 tea bags made with organic hemp flower with each bag containing 1.6% CBD (24mg).

This product is the best was to enjoy CBD Tea and can be consumed at any time of the day, whether thats in the morning as an soothing alternative to coffee, or in the evening as nightcap before bed. When brewed the tea has a lovely aroma and tastes (in our opinion) a lot more ‘caramelly’ compared to other herbal teas.

There are many cannabinoids in the product which include CBDa, CBGA, CBG, CBN and THC which is below the 0.2% required by UK law.

The items (hemp flower/leaves) used in these CBD tea bags has been grown in certified organic fields in the Czech Republic. The strain used to produce this tea is a Cannabis Sativa L. hemp variety called Ferimon and is imported to the UK by Biopurus.

Shipping Info

Shipped 1st class delivery, we try to get the product out to the client on the day it is purchased, depending on order size and quanitity