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Loose Leaf Hemp Tea




These are the strongest EU Certified-Organic CBD hemp tea flowers, buds and leaves we’ve found in the UK with a 4% of CBD content and a natural full spectrum of cannabinoids. Harvested in organic Cannabis Sativa L. farms in the Czech Republic using the Futura strain and imported by Biopurus UK. It comes in a simple but chic 40g resealable pack.

Their 4% high CBD content makes it ideal for infusing as a grounding tea, eat them, smoke them, cook with them or vaporise them. These organic hemp flowers, buds and leaves come in a 40g pack and are certified organic, 100% hemp in its raw form: the leaves, the flowers, the stems, the buds and the seeds. They have been dried naturally and contain a high quantity of CBD (cannabidiol) and numerous other cannabinoids. THC free.

Shipping Info

Shipped 1st class delivery, we try to get the product out to the client on the day it is purchased, depending on order size and quanitity